The Best Vacuums for Carpeted Stairs and More

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The Best Vacuums for Carpeted Stairs and More
October 25, 2016 Uncategorized Retegev

Most of us use vacuum cleaners to clean carpets and rugs. It is one of the easiest ways to clean carpets and rugs since you cannot wash these normally otherwise. Regular cleaning of carpets and rugs also help keep put germs and bacteria, and help your home remain clean. And once every six months, you could always send your carpets for steam cleaning to get rid of any stains.



But do all vacuum cleaners clean carpets and rugs equally? Or are some better? What should you look for when you are buying one?


With the many vacuum cleaner options that are available today, buying a vacuum cleaner is no longer as simple as it used to be. Today, there are other additional features that you need to take a look at too, apart from the basic cleaning feature that every vacuum cleaner has.


So, what do you look for when you want to choose vacuum cleaners for your carpets and rugs?


Things To Look For When Choosing Your Vacuum Cleaner


As a buyer, there are things that you should look for when buying a vacuum cleaner to make your cleaning experiences better and ensure that your carpets are clean.


  1. Suction power


The more suction power your vacuum cleaner has, the better will it clean carpets and rugs. When buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to consider how much suction power you need for your carpet to be completely clean.


For instance, homes that have pets and those located near busy streets will require vacuums with strong suction power. This is because dust particles and pet hair have a way of sticking to the carpet’s fabric making them difficult to remove when strong suction is not used.


In homes that have a lot of traffic around them, the right suction strength is required to ensure that the carpet fibers are not bent. When the carpet fibers bend, they absorb light instead of reflecting it making the carpet look dirty and ugly. The right vacuum cleaner suction will correct carpet fiber shapes during cleaning making the home look beautiful.


  1. The type of carpet fiber


How effectively carpets and rugs would be cleaned by a vacuum cleaner will also depend on the material the carpets and rugs are made of themselves.


The type of fibers used in the making of your carpet will have a lot of say in which type of vacuum cleaner you should buy. When the manufacturers have used synthetic fibers, homeowners have the freedom of using as much suction as they want without fear that their carpet will be ruined. Synthetic fibers also allow homeowners to use vacuum cleaners with brisk brushes. Natural fiber, on the other hand, requires a lot of gentle care. Using brisk bristle brushes and too much suction could cause great damage to the carpet.


Although natural fibers like wool outlive the synthetic fibers, they require the most care. Before buying a vacuum cleaner, therefore, you need to consider which types of fiber your carpet is made of.


You also need to think about the age of the carpet you will be cleaning since old carpets require more forging brush bristles and less suction power. The manufacturer’s care instructions will give you an idea of which is the best vacuum cleaner for your rugs and carpets.


  1. Filtration


This is a critical and mostly overlooked feature that is required in all vacuum cleaners. Cleaning requires the use of a vacuum cleaner that can retain and pick up high levels of soil and fine particles from your carpets and rugs.


When the filtration of the vacuum cleaner is not the best, the fine particles and soil will go right through the back of the vacuum cleaner and out through the back.


They will remain in the air of the room and later settle down on the carpet as dust. For people who suffer from asthma and other allergic conditions, these particles do a lot of damage to their health conditions. HEPA filters are highly recommended because they have been tested and proven to filter up to 99.97% of all dust particles found in carpets. This ensures that the home is clean and allergen free.


  1. Durability


Vacuum cleaners are certainly not cheap. The last thing you want to do is to buy a vacuum cleaner that will not last even an entire year. When checking on durability, inspect the materials making the vacuum cleaner.


If they look weak and damaged, there are high chances they will not be of much help in the future. Most vacuum cleaners that are too cheap do not last very long too.


It is also important to read reviews about the vacuum cleaner on credible customer review sites. This way, you will be sure about the vacuum cleaner you are bringing to your home. High-quality machines will be worth every cent spent.


Knowing just how important your vacuum cleaner is to the general cleanliness of your home, it is important that you ensure that your vacuum cleaner does a great job of filtering the air in your home after cleaning to ensure no allergens remain behind.


This is probably why the filter of the vacuum cleaner needs to be regularly cleaned and changed to ensure cleaner air flow in the home. However, it is difficult to clean the filter of the vacuum cleaner in the home. Normally, for the most part, this important task requires a professional.


Cleaning Your Vacuum Cleaner


Not all vacuum cleaners are the same. For instance, cleaning and changing the filter of a handy vacuum cleaner, however, is really easy. Even a 10-year-old could do it successfully.

Clean your vacuum cleaner to ensure that you can clean all the carpeted stairs and more, without any hiccups. It’s really easy.

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Great Ways to Winterize Your Home
October 22, 2016 Uncategorized Retegev

Windows are one of the main ways that heat escapes your home. Check all windows for any leaks or warps in any wooden trim around them. Replacing old and broken windows as well as sealing any gaps in drafty windows is a major step for winterizing your home. Caulk both sides of trim around the windows if they are warped or leaking any air. This will cause a lot of heat to remain in your home. Even sealing all leaks the window itself can be cold from the outside and seem cold in that area, thermal curtains will help to keep the heat inside and block the cold from the window

Check for warped trim and air leaks in all doors around your home. Any drafty doors along with patio doors can be sealed with plastic or caulk putty. Replace the weather strips around all doors to ensure no drafts. If that is not possible than just seal them as best as you can.


Change your hot water heater temperature to the “Warm” setting and insulate the hot water lines leading to the hot water heater. For those water heaters that are not gas powered, try considering “blanketing” or covering it with faced fiberglass insulation. Insulate hot and cold water pipes to have them ready to brace the winter. Make sure to insulate the hot water lines that run through the unheated areas of your home. Install a timer to eliminate wasteful spending on heating whole tanks of water (all day long) when it is not in use.


Furnaces that are 10 years or older tend to waste fuel, upgrading is always a good idea. Make sure to open all cold air returns, your furnace needs them open to run efficiently. Replace your furnace filter every three months.


There are little things around your home that could make a difference such as using a programmable thermostat to limit the usage and reduce heating costs when no one is home. Plant evergreen trees if possible near your home to block the harsh winter wind. This is great for houses not in tight spaced neighborhoods. Another great trick would be to reverse ceiling fans to push the hot air down.

Top Reasons You Should Hire Professional Home Cleaners
October 22, 2016 Uncategorized Retegev

In this busy age, hiring a professional home cleaner is an excellent way to save time and worry. There are many reasons why this is a good choice. Take a look at these top reasons.


  1. Save Time
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Perhaps the most obvious reason for hiring a professional home cleaner is to save time. Instead of spending valuable hours a week cleaning, let someone trained to clean do it. That time goes to more important things like meetings, travel, entertaining, and family.


  1. Get a Job Well Done


For many, cleaning is not an enjoyable or easy experience. It is not always easy to choose the correct cleaners or methods for cleaning various materials and spaces. With a professional service, every room in the house can be cleaned according to specific needs.


  1. Customization
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Speaking of every room, not everyone wants their entire house cleaned from top to bottom. Some people prefer to have only certain rooms cleaned every visit, or cleaned just once a month. There are customization options available for these services.


  1. Reliably Clean


With a professional home cleaning service, there’s no wondering how long it’s been since the bathrooms were last scrubbed. Residents can expect quality service at the same time every week and/or month. Someone else keeps track of what needs to be cleaned when.


  1. Benefit from Experience


Professional home cleaners have the needed experience to do a satisfactory job. Residents don’t have to worry about hazards that can accompany inexperienced cleaners.


  1. One Less Thing to Worry About


Some people are physically unable to clean, whether from disabilities, illness, recent childbirth, or allergies to cleaners, among other reasons. Such residents can benefit from having a professional take care of their space.


  1. Better Home Environment


Most people just function better in a clean house. Getting rid of dirt and dust can free the mind to focus on what’s necessary, whether that’s a task at home or simply relaxing.


It may seem like a splurge, but hiring a professional home cleaning service gives anyone peace of mind. The peace of mind a clean house brings is worth the cost.